With its colourful islands, mesmerizing culture, and idyllic nature, the Aloha State has always been an otherworldly place. As the meeting point of the Pacific world, it has always played an important role in human history. For centuries, the islands served, not only as a bridge between continents, but also as a melting pot for many cultures.
Today, Hawaii is viewed as an ideal destination for quality living by people around the world. The Town of Aina Le’a, is offering the citizens of the world a golden opportunity to become a part of this dream and own a precious piece of Hawaii at the newest and most lively neighborhood of the Big island.



Meticulous attention to detail

In real estate, luxury is beyond location and physical amenities. It is a pleasant experience that makes people feel sophisticated, serene, and special. With meticulous attention to detail, Aina Le’a created a master-planned community for the affluent people who will use it.
Consisting residential units, retail areas, a clubhouse, and lakes and parks, Aina Le’a is more than a residential project. It is a diligently-planned urban community, which has already begun to attract families that appreciate a style of living with unmatched comfort and elegance.



A`ohe hana nui ka alu`ia.

There is a beautiful saying in Hawaii: No task is too big when done together. From its inception to its completion, collaboration with locals and respect to nature have shaped every detail of Aina Le’a.
The vision of Aina Le’a is to bring together the modern civil design techniques and state-of-the-art green energy technologies with the cultural heritage of the Island of Hawaii.
Similarly, by working together with the County of Hawaii, Aina Le’a has established a condominium division for the local residents of the Island as well. Moreover, from their names to their values, every community within the Town of Aina Le’a will carry the Aloha spirit.


A message from our chairman

Hawaii is more than heaven on earth. It is a strategic investment location, an inter-continental meeting point. Here, Asian, American, European and Native Polynesian cultures blend harmoniously. Every visitor feels at home here, and a great many of them actually decide to have a home here.
People around the world want to own a piece of this paradise, and the Gold Coast of the Big Island in particular, has become a magnet for the global elite. It is an ideal location for high-end real estate investment plans. That said, currently, a residential community does not exist on these precious lands. When we started to develop the Town of Aina Le’a program, our dream was to create an actual living space, a real town in this wonderful part of the island and therefore, we consider ourselves very lucky to have acquired such a strategically valuable project site to work with.
It is truly, our privilege to contribute to the development of such a special corner of planet Earth. Aina Le’a offers a great opportunity for global entrepreneurs to join us in building a community where wealthy people from around the world will own property, live here full-time and enjoy the benefits of the Big Island life all year long. Working in beautiful Hawaii, creating meaning and value for the future, and doing this with partners from both sides of the Pacific is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. On behalf of my crew and our Hawaiian friends who support our efforts, I welcome you to Aina Le’a.
Robert Wessels
Aina Le’a Inc. – Chairman and CEO


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