Townhomes & Condos


Make the dream of living in Hawaii a reality at Kupu. Let the management of Aina Le’a take care of your house and enjoy the Hawaiian lifestyle worry-free. Surf at the fabulously clear waters of the Big Island, cherish the year round warm climate of the Kohala Coast, and experience the peaceful Aloha Spirit.
Ideally located within walking distance from the commercial centers and parks of the Town of Aina Le’a, the fully-equipped Kupu multifamily units offer you a once-in-a lifetime chance to live in Hawaii.
The lively streets of Aina Le’a will form as the resort-style neighborhoods rise from the ground like kupu kupu ferns grow from lava flow. KUPU Townhomes and Condominiums will set the scene for the joy of sharing and active living.
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