Custom Luxury Villas


What is the true luxury but creating a home shaped by your individual tastes, choices, and yearnings rather than contemporary trends or accepted standards? Offering the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity, LEHUA Luxury Villas are not custom-fit… They are truly custom-built.
The first pleasant memory of your Lehua Luxury villa will be the design process itself. Be a part of the most affluent community of Aina Le’a. Create a house inspired by Hawaiian design and shaped by your dreams. And leave your legacy with a bespoke Lehua villa of Aina Le’a.
The villas will become the gentle flowers of the town and carry the name of the beautiful LEHUA blossom. Residents of LEHUA Luxury Villas will cherish the sweetest and most peaceful memories of their lives. These custom-built, ultra-luxury estates will stand on the largest lots and bring their owners the utmost comfort.
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