Hawaii: the most desired place to live on Earth

The Aloha State is a wonderland. A tropical dream. An oceanic playground. The ultimate vacation experience.
Yet, there is more to Hawaii than just vacation.
Because of its geographical and natural uniqueness, Hawaii has become an ideal destination for quality living. Many wealthy people from both sides of the Pacific choose to make the Aloha State their home. Hollywood celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller, Oprah Winfrey, and Clint Eastwood own estates in this tropic paradise.



Big Island: the preferred destination of the affluent

It is true that every island has its distinct personality and soul – but among the six major islands, one truly stands apart. With its cultural diversity, natural beauties and dramatic terrain, the Big Island is the epitome of a healthy and quality lifestyle.
Its natural wonders, stunning views, and serene atmosphere make the Big Island the preferred real estate investment location of many billionaires like Michael Dell, Paul Allen, and Charles Schwab.
The Big Island also serves as a connection point for all Pacific Rim countries with its two international airports; Kona International Airport in the west, and Hilo International Airport in the east. The project site of the Town of Aina Le’a master-planned community is situated on the highway that connects the Gold Coast to the Kona International Airport.



Kohala Coast: the crown jewel of the Big Island

On the all-year sunny side of the Big island, nestled amongst the marvelous lava rock fields, lies a green oasis full of world-class luxury resorts, fine dining and 23 of the world’s best golf courses.
The white powder sand beaches and fabulously clear waters gave Kohala its nickname, the Gold Coast. There is, however, another reason why this place is known to be golden: Kohala is one of the top luxury destinations for the wealthy from all over the world.
Although this the Gold Coast is full of five-star resorts, mansions and country clubs – it doesn’t have a permanent residential community. Aina Le’a is going to be the town of Kohala. The place of gathering for the affluent. The perfect example of tasteful living on the Coast while experiencing Hawaii’s ancient values.


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