The Town of Aina Le’a Master-planned Community is a land development program, that will turn 1,100 acres of raw land into a fully developed upscale town.
Aina Le’a will become the first full-year living community of the Kohala Coast. The Town will include a variety of residential neighborhoods, restaurants, lakes, parks, as well as medical, commercial and educational centers.
The individual villages and centers within the Town, will make up the 6 main groups of facilities. The vision of Aina Le’a is to bring together the state-of-the-art construction, landscape design and green energy techniques with the values and cultural heritage of the Island of Hawai’i. Therefore, while establishing a brand architecture for Aina Le’a, creative experts turned to the ancient Hawaiian culture to find an authentic nomenclature for these six sections.



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Facility Type: Condominium, Townhomes
Total Acreage: 191
Square km: 0.77
Individual Villages: 10
Total Number of Units: 1450
Facility Type: Single-Family Homes
Total Acreage: 275
Square km: 1.11
Individual Villages: 6
Total Number of Units: 558
Facility Type: Mixed Use, Commercial
Total Acreage: 29
Square km: 0.11
Individual Villages: 1
Total Number of Units: 180
Facility Type: Villas, Custom Home-Sites
Total Acreage: 139
Square km: 0.56
Individual Villages: 3
Total Number of Units: 62
Facility Type: Community Center
Total Acreage: 12
Square km: 0.04
Individual Villages: 1
Total Number of Units: –
Facility Type: Active and Passive Parks
Total Acreage: 453
Square km: 1.83
Individual Villages: –
Total Number of Units: –
Total Acreage: 13.2
Total Acreage: 7
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