The executive team of ‘Aina Le’a, Incorporated has scouted and aligned itself with seasoned builders, architects, project managers, master-plan and landscape designers as well as financial and legal advisors from across the globe.


Robert Wessels
Founder / CEO

The honorary chairman of Aina Le’a Inc. and the founder of the Town of Aina Le’a development program, Robert J. Wessels is a business  development and financing consultant  with  over 40 years of experience in managing start-up operations, entitlement planning, as well as landed property development.

He has held operating officer and board of director positions at two New York Stock Exchange listed companies (AMAX, INC & Southwest Forest Industries, Inc.) and three NASDAQ listed companies (Tellus Industries, Inc.; Enviropur Waste Refining and Technologies, Inc. and Dunn’s Supply Company, Inc.). Mr. Wessels is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and New York University Graduate School of Business. 

Johanna Eschenberger

Richard Bernstein


Pacific Aina Design
Town Manager

TrueStyle Pacific Builders
Condominium GC

E. M. Rivera & Sons
Infrastructure Manager

Engineering Partners
Infrastructure Engineering

Kelly Valenzuela
Sales Manager

Hawaii is more than heaven on earth. It is a strategic investment location, an inter-continental meeting point. Here, Asian, American, European and Native Polynesian cultures blend harmoniously. Every visitor feels at home here, and a great many of them actually end up making Hawai’i their home. 

People around the world want to own a piece of this paradise. The Gold Coast of the Big Island, in particular, has become a magnet for the World’s elite, making it an ideal location for real estate investment. That said, currently, a residential community does not exist on this precious land. 

When we started to develop the Town of Aina Le’a Master-Planned Community program, our dream was to create an actual living space, a real town in this wonderful part of the island and therefore, we consider ourselves very lucky to have acquired such a strategically valuable project site to work with. 

It is truly, our privilege to contribute to the development of such a special corner of planet Earth. Aina Le’a offers a great opportunity for global entrepreneurs to join us in building a community where wealthy people from around the world will own property, live here full-time and enjoy the benefits of the Big Island life all year long. 

Working in beautiful Hawaii, creating meaning and value for the future, and doing this with partners from both sides of the Pacific is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. On behalf of my crew and our Hawaiian friends who support our efforts, I welcome you to Aina Le’a. 


Bob Wessels 
Founder / CEO



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