Development Program

‘ike ‘ia no ka loea i ke kuahu

Ancient Hawaiian culture tells us that mastery is acknowledged through what is built, and what shows your expertise is how well you make – not how well you destroy.

We believe that the production of living spaces is an inter-disciplinary endeavor, at the end of which the product comes to being, and displays mastery in multiple fields of arts and science. That is why, the master plan developer of our town, Aina Le’a Inc. pursues a mission to serve the nature and the community of Hawaii by conducting a development program that will constitute a tangible representation of environment-conscious luxury living.

Creating value through knowledge and practice

Our approach to land development is very different from land banking – which is the practice of purchasing raw land with the intent to hold on to it until it is profitable to sell for more than the amount that was initially paid. We combine  knowledge, experience and hard-work to form a master-planned community design that is beneficial and meaningful.

We  oversee all the principal proceedings from fundraising and funds management to the supervision of construction in order to operate the transformation of the property into a highly-desired community within – not only the local – but the global real estate market.

Strategic acquisition and transformation

As a land development and construction program management company, Aina Le’a Inc. is primarily focused on locating growing potential in land to create multiplied value. With this perspective, Aina Le’a’s primary business model involves the acquisition of undeveloped landed property at a strategic location and the conversion of the estate into a planned community site featuring subdivisions of build-ready parcels.

The Town of Aina Le’a, in that sense, is a value-added enterprise primarily serving the real estate market. We convert raw land into an active source of income by investing capital, providing community design and infrastructure, as well as selecting joint venture partners to construct residential and commercial buildings.

Contributions of the Master Plan Developer

In addition to the acquisition of 1099 acres in one of the most high-end districts in the State, Aina Le’a Inc. also provides landscape architecture, community design and infrastructure planning for the entire preliminary development stage of the Town of Aina Le’a.

For these accomplishments, Aina Le’a Inc. has invested over $110 Million Dollars of capital since 2012. By the end of the horizontal development, the value of the buildable portion of the property is estimated to be approximately $1.2 Billion Dollars.

The land ownership and further investments in the initial development comprises the equity of Aina Le’a Inc. as Master Plan Developer. While the remaining major share will be held by prospective partners as Strategic Investor Equity.

Join us in creating value.

The Town of ‘Aina Le’a provides an outstanding opportunity to its partners to acquire a major holding of residential-zoned estate in the heart of one of the fastest growing luxury neighborhoods, with a proven track record of significant land value appreciation.

Key Revenue Streams

The project will generate revenue in three different forms:

1. Finished Lot Sales 

Each individual neighborhood will be developed by independent construction firms. The initial financial return will be through the sales of blue-topped lots, build-ready for vertical development.

2. Home Sales 

By forming joint venture partnerships with construction firms, shareholders will profit from the sales of the completed residential and commercial units to domestic and international homeowners.

3. Management 

Finally, the provision of community services, and the management of rental properties and shared spaces will also bring revenue to all partners that contribute to the making of Aina Le’a.

Three villages within the KUPU Townhomes and Condos, Lulana Gardens, Ho’olei, and Whales Point have been designed and are in construction with the contribution of more than 900 investors from Asia. The primary focus of the management team for the next two years will be to complete the builder sales of these first communities and to finalize the planning, approvals and funding through the sales of undivided land fractions for portions of the remaining property.



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