The Town of Aina Le’a

Townhomes / condos


Make the dream of living in Hawaii a reality at Kupu. Let the management of Aina Le’a take care of your house and enjoy the Hawaiian lifestyle worry-free. Surf at the fabulously clear waters of the Big Island, cherish the year round warm climate of the Kohala Coast, and experience the peaceful Aloha Spirit. Ideally located within walking distance from the commercial centers and parks of the Town of Aina Le’a, the fully-equipped Kupu multifamily units offer you a once-in-a lifetime chance to live in Hawaii. 

The lively streets of Aina Le’a will form as the resort-style neighborhoods rise from the ground like kupu kupu ferns grow from lava flow. KUPU Townhomes and Condominiums will set the scene for the joy of sharing and active living.

SINGle family homes


With its peaceful gardens and breathtaking ocean views, a Kala home is the ideal place for your family to call home. Centrally located within the Town of Aina Le’a, Kala offers you a perfect blend of privacy and convenience. Enjoy your customizable backyard with room for a garden, hot tub or even a pool, while accessing parks, lakes, community center, and commercial areas by a short walk or bike ride. Let your family enjoy the Gold Coast living with Kala. 

There is a saying in Hawaiian; “Kala i-ka Ma-uli Oli” – The Sun is the Source of Life. KALA Single Family Homes will bring the kindness and grace of the family to our town. KALA homes will collect the source of life from the Sun and present warmth and stillness to its residents.



What is the true luxury but creating a home shaped by your individual tastes, choices, and yearnings rather than contemporary trends or accepted standards? Offering the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity, LEHUA Luxury Villas are not custom-fit… They are truly custom-built. The first pleasant memory of your Lehua Luxury villa will be the design process itself. Be a part of the most affluent community of Aina Le’a. Create a house inspired by Hawaiian design and shaped by your dreams. And leave your legacy with a bespoke Lehua villa of Aina Le’a.

The villas will become the gentle flowers of the town and carry the name of the beautiful LEHUA blossom. Residents of LEHUA Luxury Villas will cherish the sweetest and most peaceful memories of their lives. These custom-built, ultra-luxury estates will stand on the largest lots and bring their owners the utmost comfort.



The glamorous and artfully-decorated Kaipu will become the gathering place of the entire Kohala Coast. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion items or a beautiful place to have a delicious meal with your friends or have fun with your kids, Kaipu will be your destination of choice.

Ancient Hawaiians used to carry their most precious cargo inside the calabash “ipu”. The Main Shopping Center and all the retail spaces will be brought together as KAIPU – the center of diversity where all knowledge and values are collected. KAIPU will offer locals access to the world’s top brands, gourmet restaurants, a movie theater, a native arts and archeology museum, a grocery store, a medical center as well as airport transportation stations.



No matter where you look, natural wonders abound on the Big Island. Fittingly, the Town of Aina Le’a is nestled among an oasis of green and aquatic hues. Offering hundreds of acres of interconnected parks, lakes, and exercise trails, Malia is the perfect place to relax, reflect, and recharge. Enjoy a picnic beside the lake, take a paddle boat, and watch the gorgeous Hawaiian sunset at the Town of Aina Le’a’s peaceful lakes and parks.

MALIA Lakes and Parks will bring calmness, freshness and serenity to our communities. In addition to the scenic corridors and open grounds for recreational purposes, Malia will facilitate active parks featuring tennis, basketball courts, soccer fields and playgrounds.



Want to connect with the affluent community of Kohala Coast? Tap into the social vibe at the Nakoa Clubhouse. With its fitness center, swimming pools, and more, the Town of Aina Le’a’s community center is ideal for meetings, wedding receptions, banquets, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

NAKOA Clubhouse will not only serve as a community center, where the members of the Aina Le’a family will socialize, but it will also be a place of relaxation and delight, where locals of the Gold Coast would meet and enjoy the finer things in life.



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